Facial Abuse Hazel Allure


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Facial Abuse Hazel Allure can do deep throat without any help. This red head beauty has a huge penis inside mouth. The tip of the penis is already inside her small mouth. Hazel Allure is wearing several earrings on one ear. A guy is standing in front of her. He has tattoo on her arm. The guy is pulling her hair on one side. His hand is on top of her head. Hazel Allure has saliva flowing out of her mouth. She has long hair and it is swept out of her face by the guy in front of her.

Facial Abuse Brynn


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Facial Abuse Brynn has curly black hair. She is not using soap to clean her face but white stuff coming out from a penis. Brynn is sitting down beside a black leather couch. A guy is bending over her. A huge penis that is jacking off is right on her face. The guy has tattoo all over her arms. He is holding his penis while sperm is coming out from it. The sperm is flowing down to her forehead, eye, and chest. Brynn has her eyes close. There is hair all over the guy’s body. Brynn is free from makeup and other jewelries.

Facial Abuse Devlynn


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Facial Abuse Devlynn is getting really mad as she is pounding up and down a guy’s dick. Devlynn has her hair tied in pony tail. It is curly and long. The pretty girl is sitting on top of a guy. The penis is inside her pussy. Her legs are on top of the guy’s thighs. Her hand is resting on the black leather couch behind her. It serves as support as she tries to balance on top of a guy. Devylynn is massaging her pussy. Her body is turned on the side. She is clenching her teeth while on top.

Facial Abuse Mia Rider


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Facial Abuse Mia Rider is an Asian girl with cum all over her face. Mia Rider is looking very tired. Her hair is very messy. Her black hair is tied in a loose ponytail. She is sitting down beside a black leather couch. A guy is holding her head. The guy is pointing his penis on Mia Rider’s face. The penis just blow cum all over her. There is cum on her forehead, nose and cheeks. Mia Rider is wearing blue eye shadow. Her mouth is slightly open. One of the guy’s legs is on the couch. He is wearing rubber shoes.

Facial Abuse Tiffany Fox


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Facial Abuse Tiffany Fox is trying hard not to gag. After serious deep throat, Tiffany Fox is about to puke. She is kneeling down in front of a guy with tattoo on his arms. Her face is in front of huge penis. Her hair is untied and very messy. The guy is holding her head. He is pushing Tiffany Fox towards his penis. Her mouth is wide open. Saliva is flowing out of her mouth. Her eyes are close. She is trying hard not to gag. She has weak gag reflexes. The guy has toned abs and he has hair on his pubic area.

Facial Abuse Treasure


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Facial Abuse Treasure is doing a breast fuck. Instead of her pussy, the woman is using her breasts to help the guy cum. Treasure has black hair and it is tied neatly on a bun. Her bangs are a little bit curly and framing her face. She is kneeling down in front of a black leather couch. She is holding her two boobs. There is a penis in between her boobs. She is pushing the boobs together. Treasure has her fingernails painted in pink. Her mouth is opened slightly. The guy’s hand is on top of her head. Her other hand is rested on her shoulders.

Facial Abuse Hazel Allure


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Facial Abuse Hazel Allure is surrounded by two men. Her brown hair is tied in a ponytail. She is squatting in front black leather couch. A guy is standing on her left side. Her leg is in between the guy’s legs. The guy’s penis is inserted inside her mouth. Another guy is squatting on her right. The guy is wearing blue cap. The guy has tattoo on his arm. The guy is holding her arm. His other hand is touching Hazel’s Allure pussy. She has tattoo on the lower waist. She has tattoo on her lower arm. Her boobs are small and almost flat.

Facial Abuse Leeloo


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Facial Abuse Leeloo is pink haired girl who loves to get penetrated from behind. Her pink hair is all over her face. She is wearing pink stockings with huge holes on it. Leeloo has several tattoos on her body. She has two stars tattoo on her chest. She has tattoo on her arms, legs and belly. The guy who is fucking her from behind has tattoo on his arms. The guy is pulling Leeloo’s arms behind her back. They are standing in front of a black leather couch. The wall behind the couch is painted in pink. The guy has beard and goatee.

Facial Abuse Ellie Mae


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Facial Abuse Ellie Mae has blonde and curly hair. Her bangs are pinned away from her face. She is sitting in front of the guy. Her face is in front of a huge penis. The hard penis is inside her small mouth. Ellie Mae is sucking the tip of the penis. There is a black leather couch beside them. The guy is very hairy. He has hair on his tummy and pubic area. Ellie mae is looking very relaxed while doing blow job. The wall behind the black couch is painted with violet color. Ellie mae is still pretty even if she has huge penis on her mouth.

Facial Abuse Jessica Rabbit


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Facial Abuse Jessica Rabbit loves the sperm on her face. This brunette girl is getting a sperm facial. Her hair is swept on one side of her head. A guy is standing behind her. One of the guy’s hands is holding her head. The other hand is holding his penis. The guy is pointing the penis on Jessica Rabbit’s face. The guy has placed his leg on top of the couch. The guy is wearing grey rubber shoes with black socks. Jessica Rabbit’s mouth is wide open and her eyes are close. The cute girl is totally feeling the whole explosion.